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Law Office Ioan Stanca manages to combine qualitatively the rich practical experience of the lawyer Ioan Stanca, the didactics and the theoretical training of the off-counsel lawyer dr. Florin Mangu as well as the energy and the legal creativity of collaborating lawyer Ioan-Flavius ​​Stanca.
This very symbiosis provides the guarantee that we can offer the appropriate legal services to each client.


Insolvency law

With a rich experience in the field and a large number of satisfied clients, we offer legal assistance and representation in insolvency, judicial reorganization or bankruptcy procedures, both for administrators and for liquidators, creditors or debtors.

The right of enforcement

Much of our portfolio of activities is made up of legal assistance and representation in litigation on forced execution, successfully deploying the legitimate rights and interests of both creditors and debtors.

Corporate law

Over the years, we have provided legal assistance and representation during the time when a large number of companies were formed, as well as legal support in negotiations, mergers, dissolutions or liquidations, resolving misunderstandings between associates.

Civil law

With thorough theoretical training and extensive practical experience, we offer high-quality services on property law and other real rights, contract law, rights law, or family law.

Banking law

With over 30 years of experience, we have provided legal assistance and representation for both banking and consumers. We are specialized in sensitive law issues, ie legal conflicts arising in connection with bills of exchange, checks or promissory notes.

Associations and foundations

We offer complete legal services in connection with the establishment of associations or foundations and their registration in the Register of Associations and Foundations.

Administrative and tax law

We provide legal assistance and representation both to administrative or central or local administrative authorities, and to national courts.

Medical malpractice

We provide legal counseling and representation services on medical civil liability issues, over time successfully defending both the interests of doctors and patients, before the Commission for Monitoring and Professional Competence for Malpractice, or in the face of national courts.